– Junko has put a toy owl in the house`s main bathroom which hoots everytime you sit on and get off the toilet seat. Its the only reason I can think of to look forward to leaving tomorrow. Creepy just doesn`t cut it.

– A thirty-something year old guy tried to pick me up a few days ago. It was pretty funny because I thought he needed directions or something, but instead he asked me if I had “time to go somewhere”. It was so unexpected that I started to laugh – obviously not the smartest thing to do but I couldn`t help it. We were in a pretty public place anyway so I wasn`t too worried. When I finally stopped laughing and gave him a super how-darest-you glare, he switched tactics and asked me how to get to kichijoji.
Of course this sort of thing can happen anywhere, but getting picked up in japanese would certainly be considered a novelty for most people, no? If anything, I admire him for trying his luck out on a gaijin. Wierdo.

– I`ve met with Hitomi (from the Jazz club) a couple of times and it seems that she`s having boy problems. As much as I felt bad for her, I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to give relationship advice in Japanese. She had supposedly confessed to a guy she works with and he turned her down twice already and when she wouldn`t let up, he told her not to call him ever again. Obviously once I got the gist of the story I was merciless. Stalker anyone?


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