I`m really annoyed. Granted, it doesn`t take much to annoy me, but in this case its totally understandable. About two weeks ago I received an e-mail from Penn saying that fall course registration would begin on the 19th of this month. I also received a reminder from my study abroad advisor and a reminder on the day. Compare this to Hitotsubashi where believe it or not, they STILL don`t know when the spring semester is going to begin. Everytime I ask the answer is `sometime in April`. It completely baffles me that there exists an acadamic institution that does not plan its academic calender in advance. Even the crappy private universities I`ve seen in Egypt have planned their calenders at least one year in advance. The fact that I can`t plan ahead is incredibly frustrating.
When it comes to course registration, I will have to ask individual professors to allow me to take their class, as opposed to registering online as I would have done at Penn. This I don`t mind of course (the point of study abroad is…), but the whole calender thing just really pissed me off.

UPDATE: I was e-mailed an exchange student orientation schedule this morning. According to the schedule course registration begins after classes start. Huh? 


2 responses to “annoyed

  1. I went to Yale and that’s how it worked. First you went to the classes you wanted to see if you liked them and then you registered. You didn’t have to register beforehand (except for some seminars that you had to be picked for).

    They had some name for it, like “open registration.” It’s really easy to get used to, but bad if you start going to another school and they do make you register for classes ahead of time, because then you feel like and idiot.

  2. I guess either way the first week of classes is spent showing students the ropes so it makes sense.
    Thanks for the input!

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