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Lots of Japanese bands/singers are releasing singles this month, and I thought I`d mention a few I thought worthy of a listen. If you watch any Japanese T.V. you will probably catch a live performance here and there for the next few weeks.

The first song is Tsubomi [蕾] or Bud by Kobukuro [コブクロ], who`s name by the way comes from the two band member`s last names Kobuchi and Kuroda (thank you wikipedia). Its a good song – I especially like the way these guys harmonize, and I`ve heard the song more than a few times on T.V. The release date for this single is the 21st of March.


Next up, Remioromen`s [レミオロメン] Akanezora [茜空] which came out on the 14th of March. Another good song with unique vocals.


Another song to check out is Enomoto Kurumi`s [榎本くるみ]Aisubeki Hito[愛すべき人]out on the 21st of March – she`s got a great voice, an attribute which is, in my humble opinion, quite lacking when it comes to young japanese female singers.

aisubeki hito

Finally, KOKIA`S Arigatou [ありがとう]out yesterday, 16th March. I couldn`t find its PV on the tube but I thought I`d mention it anyway.

Obviously there`s alot more music out there, but these are just the songs that I happen to like. Enjoy.


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