jazzy tokyo

Saturday night I wanted to go out but not to the usual Roppongi destination, so I decided instead to go to a jazz club in Kichijoji. I was going to go to a club called Star Pine but when I called them to ask for directions the owner told me I probably won`t be able to get in because and get this, Michael Jackson is making an appearance. HAHAHAHA. I knew MJ was in Japan because of the news but this was pretty random. Okay, so there was no Star Pine for me that night, so I googled another club. The club is called Sometime and its hidden in one of the alleys branching from Sun Road, a lively shopping avenue right in front of the station. It was extremely hard to find and I asked all the young people around for directions, but no one knew where/what it was.
I then happened upon three tall, gangster looking guys who were standing outside a convenience store smoking. I asked them about the shop (one of the them couldn`t stop smiling *Gaijin hehe hoho*) and finally, after messing with me for a few minutes they told me where it was. I asked them if they were sure and one of them takes a long drag from his cigarette and says quite simply “saa~…” which in the context means “who knows”. The other two guys started laughing their butts off. Needless to say I really wanted to kick him in the pants and thankfully, my informal japanese is pretty good so I told him in a few choice words what I thought of his saaa, to which the reply was “sumaneee” (“sorry” – yea right).
I was still lost so I approached a girl around my age and asked her for directions. Her name is Hitomi, a twenty year old attending senmon gakkou (technical/vocational school) for hotel management. She insisted on taking me straight to the place and when we finally reached it, she asked if I minded if she join me.
I told her to come along and we stepped into the place. Sometime is an amazing jazz club. When you walk in you reach a short flight of stairs which you go down to reach the main seating area. Its a pretty small place but the great thing about it is that the stage is in the middle of the club, with all the tables surrounding it. There is also a charming balcony seating area. Everyone there was in their late twenties/early thirties and some of them clearly came right after work. The night`s featured performance was vocal and piano, and once the music started up and the singer started singing I honestly felt like I was transported back to New York. It was really good and the singer herself was engaging and fun; all the customers were either clapping or tapping their feet. After the first few songs, the maitre`d and club owner put down her tray, picked up a second mike and sang backup. Now thats what I`m talking about. Her voice was stunningly good. A song later, three other girls popped out of nowhere and joined in singing `kiss the girls and make them cry`. The whole performance was thoroughly enjoyable and just plain fun. I definitely recommend it. For a list of upcoming performances check out their website http://www.sometime.co.jp/sometime/


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  1. Can I just say — I enjoy reading about your “japan experiences.”


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