relay races – japanese style

Time for another wacky Japanese show. Yesterday`s show was broadcasted live from a huge atheletic stadium somewhere in Japan:
The stands are absolutely full and according to the announcers, there is going to be a very important relay race. The participants are all wearing running gear and one guy gives a welcome speech and tells everyone to do their best etc. The first race involves four of the teams. All the runners take their places along the track, waiting for the starting signal. One of the officials fires the starting gun and the runners are off. I suddenly notice that instead of batons, they`re holding ropes and are running towards a row of large white things. The white things turn out to be – and I kid you not – refrigerators. What do they do with the fridges? Why, tie them to their backs and keep on running of course! And we`re not talking about mini-fridges here; we`re talking two-door, feed a whole trailer park fridges. At this point, it looks pretty straightforward – instead of using batons they`re using fridges…no biggie. But of course that`s just too easy. It turns out that its a furniture movers relay race. Yea thats right: its a tournament to figure out who can move electrical appliances and furniture the fastest. In a stadium. So, next up is a king size mattress, next a closet and then a freakin` three seater couch. I must add that the show was one hundred percent serious and wasn`t hosted by a bunch of comedians. I love it.


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