One thing I forgot to mention about Junko is that she owns a Nintendo Gamecube. Yea, thats right, a gamecube. And what does she do when she`s not helping actors shape up or recording magazine tapes for the blind? She plays Legend of Zelda. Is that awesome or what? Today we went to a bookstore together because she needed to `get something`. Turns out that the something was a Zelda cheat book/walkthrough guide.
Yesterday after the hina matsuri lunch, her nephew helped her get past the level where you fight the three swamp monsters by getting the bomb from the swinging monkey (clearly I have not played Zelda), but this morning she got stuck again so we had to go all the way to the bookstore so that she could pass the level she is at. Even as I type now, hours and hours later, she`s consulting the book and playing at the same time. I reserve judgement over how using a cheat book affects the gaming experience, but either way its clearly cheating. I told Junko this and her reply was something to the effect of “I`m an old lady, what do you want from me…”


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