romeo and juliet…animated version

So I saw the trailer for the romeo and juliet anime by Gonzo a few months ago, and now that I watch it again I just can`t help but wonder whether its a smart move on their part. For those of you who are unfamiliar with anime and/or have watched the old, crappy English animated version of r&j in school, this is shakespeare on a totally different level. Gonzo`s Gankutsuou (a futuristic anime, loosely based on The Count of Monte Cristo) was really out of this world but honestly I don`t know what would compel me to watch a fantasy(!) version of the shakespeare story I so hated back in high school. How many adaptations can Japanese audiences take anyway? And how good is it going to be this time around? Admittedly though, the quality of the animation is good enough to warrant a peek. Lets just hope that they don`t mess the story up halfway through as they have a tendency to do.
When you watch the trailer you`ll get what I mean: there`s a short church scene, the screen cuts to Juliet, then Romeo; everything seems normal…then out of nowhere a pegasus looking thing flies into the middle of the screen. Where the hell did that come from?! Did one of the directors just wake up one day and think to himself `Romeo needs a flying horse!` Honestly, it`s just too much.

romeo and juliet trailer

Oh and I`ve linked to the gankutusuou ending song and trailer for those of you who are unfamiliar with it. SIDENOTE: All the (great) music in the show is by Jean-Jacques Burnel.

gankutsuou ending

gankutsuou trailer


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