rush hour

Yesterday, I had the pleasure? of experiencing a real Tokyo rush hour. It was so surreal, I was giggling the whole way through. When the train arrived at the platform it looked pretty full already so when I stepped in, I stood near the door thinking that there`s no way anyone else could fit. But nooo, this is Japan we`re talking about. A stampede of Japanese salarymen, OLs (office ladies) and high school students forced their way into the train, which became full to the point that my feet weren`t touching the floor – seriously. I think I saw a train pusher (a guy who gets paid to stuff/pack/push people into a train car), but I couldn`t see too well because of the swarm of people. Either way, someone was definitely pushing. It became especially funny when the train driver made sudden turns; the train would sway periously from side to side and everybody would basically fall on top of each other. It was good fun, sort of like a roller coaster ride. I definitely recommend you try it.


2 responses to “rush hour

  1. Man, i’ve been wanting to experience this since i’ve arrived. I’ve even made trips to certain stations in Tokyo at 5pm on weekdays in hopes of experiencing it, but no luck. Guess i need to go in the morning.

  2. Go around 5.30 on any of the main lines and you bet it will be crowded – I was on the Chuo line. Just try not to look like you`re enjoying it too much ^^.

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