konna ni chikaku de..

Sorry for the late post on this: Crystal Kay`s single `Konna ni chikaku de`, ending song for Allegro Cantabile released on the 28th of February. I`m not really a big fan of R&B but this is pretty good. For those of you who don`t know, Crystal Kay (or Kuri) was born to an African American father and Korean mother (a Zainichi) and speaks Japanese and English. The PV is good overall; I like the idea of the orchestra and the general theme of the PV but the whole barbie doll thing ruins it for me. Its really REALLY creepy, and unnecessary. Anyways, if you like this you should listen to Kitto Ni Eien which she released only recently.


2 responses to “konna ni chikaku de..

  1. I first read about Crystal Kay here and I fell instantly in love with her music. She is so talented, I really hope she becomes a big star! http://japansugoi.com/wordpress/crystal-kay-on-the-way/

  2. Yea, she has a really good voice. Her music can be cheesy at times though…hopefully she`ll do something a bit more mature in her next album.

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