bike (jitensha)

I`ve finally bought myself a bike for a reasonable price. Woohoo! Seriously, all the bikes I had seen until yesterday were all priced like porsches or just came with unnecessary add ons (who need a zillion gears?!). I was looking for something lightweight but sturdy because I plan on going on a tour in a few weeks time and it will probably involve travelling along paved roads/paths rather than climbing up mountains (its too cold for that). Anyway, so I bought the bike from an Indonesian exchange student attending Waseda University for a great price. When Junko saw the bike which is like new, I told her the price and she was really impressed. Its all in the Egyptian haggling skills mate.
However, it was a serious pain in the butt getting the thing back from Hagiyama where I bought it all the way to Mitaka, because I couldn`t take it on the subway as is. The student very kindly helped me fold and pack the thing into a huge box. I had to change lines two times which was really annoying because a. the box was so huge and heavy and b. people were staring at me more than usual (gaijin with a big box). I don`t blame them though, the box looked like it could fit just about anything in it, like a body or something…They were very helpful though, and everytime I had to go up/down some stairs some random salaryman came to assist me. When I got to Mitaka two station attendants absolutely refused to let me drag the box out to the cabs myself. Okyakusama!! Okyasama!! Watashi ni makasete kudasai!! Leave it to us!! I let them bundle it into a cab and we had a little bowing match (who`s going to stop first, who) and then I was finally on my way home.


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