THE voice

Yesterday, I went to Shinjuku to buy some books. I headed towards Konikuniya, whose Shinjuku branch is supposedly one of the biggest book stores in the city. Sure enough, the store was eight freakin` stories tall and they even have an annex building for manga/dvds etc. While I was there I was finally able to meet an `elevator lady`, who to be honest I wanted to desperately strangle by the time I got off. Basically, she announces the number of each floor the lift stops at and thanks people going out and welcomes people coming in – all in the MOST annoyingly -nails against a blackboard- high pitched voice. I had gotten used to it since its what female shop assistants use for their `welcomes`, but when you`re cramped in a small elevator with THE VOICE its like they`re testing you. And I needed to go to the seventh floor to boot.
Anyway, by the time I got all my stuff it was five thirty and when I stepped out onto the street I was in complete awe. Forget Times Square. Shinjuku is really something. The bright lights, the neon signs, the onslaught of people heading home, the barrage of bikes – crazy. When I got to the station it was like being in a pinball machine with hundreds of games going on at the same time. Seriously, the whole `worker bee` analogy that is often used to describe a tokyo rush hour doesn`t even come close. Thankfully though, the evening rush hour isn`t as bad as the one in the morning so I managed to survive.


One response to “THE voice

  1. I still haven’t been to that Kinokuniya, though i’ve wanted to go for awhile. I think something worse than the high-pitched store lady voice is the nasally “irashaimaseeeee” that male book store employees will belt out every fucking 30 seconds. On several occassions i was damn near leaving the store. I think i’ll just go up to them and tell them it annoys the shit out of me one time and see how they react.

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