japanese comedians: you shall repent!

Last night there was a sketch comedy on as part of a DOWNTOWN episode, with all these famous comedians, Macchan being one of them. They were all seated in a classroom and awaiting the `teacher`. When she walks in they are horrified to see that its a very masculine looking woman who could probably crush their bones to dust if she so desired. At her side, a hilariously stupid female assistant who does nothing but echo what her boss says. The teacher announces that all the comedians present shall repent for their misdeeds. One by one each comedian is punished. So Macchan for example, got slapped on the head by some of the comedians because its something he does to other people. Another guy had to hug all the comedians and apologise, because he is always bullying the guests that go on his show; another had to swear at the other comedians because he is too nice etc etc. It became really funny however when it came to punishing the comedians who talk to much: the assistant said, “after this punishment you won`t even be able to use your mouth!! Lets begin the Elastic Punishment!” The elastic punishment was basically this: the teacher holds one end of a long elastic rope and pulls it tight while the other end of it is in a comedian`s mouth. She then gives this menacing smile and lets go. Ouch.
I wonder if these sketches are scripted…if they are, I can`t imagine why anyone would volunteer to being the elastic punishment victim. The poor sap. Inflicting sudden pain on comedians especially is a really popular thing in Japanese humour (sort of like anvil humour in cartoons). The following is the best example I can come up with. Personally I think its hilarious…enjoy. NOTE: There are no subtitles to this but you don`t need them – its pretty self-explanatory. Also, all the `students` are comedians. The aim of the game: no matter what, don`t laugh.

Don`t Laugh


5 responses to “japanese comedians: you shall repent!

  1. hahaha i saw the others too the the rubberband-swallowing nose biology and the perverted PE…damn it’s good didn’t he say i didn’t learn tuesday?hahaha NE wyz…it’s funny

  2. UPDATE: Yea he says “I didn`t learn it.” haha

  3. try other classes man the PE teacher says i look movin’ slow but actually i’m movin’ really fast and Biology teacher says this thing cannot go through nose..haha walla it’s funny try it..if u can’t eat ramen, what about Udon?

  4. Yea there are other ones…you should go to youtube and search `batsu game` (hitting game) if you want to watch the others…

  5. i saw’em with korean subtitles few months ago so khalas NE wyz..i’m done with my arabic lessons today.finally finished…hehe..really tired..

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