when you`re dumb, you`re dumb

I was coming back from Mitaka station by bus around five and I remember Junko saying the stop is fourteenth down the line and is called Nogawa (after the park). However, for some reason I got off at Osawa. I looked around and realised that I got off too early. After fifteen minutes of walking I got to Nogawa park and since it was almost sunset there was hardly anyone there. As I walked towards one of the park maps I saw a guy practicing his violin. I was in no hurry so I sat down to listen. He wasn`t bad and considering that he had had only two years of experience AND a so-called salaryman, he`s pretty amazing. We exchanged our contacts and he`s going to take me to Mikaka`s famous Inokashira park to sit in on a live concert next weekend.
That was really good and all, but I was still lost. Yes, I had arrived at the park right next to Junko`s house but I was still lost (in my defence though it is a HUGE park; 400 000 square metres). I honestly wandered around the park for two hours until finally I reached a 7-11. I saw an ancient looking taxi driver get out of his cab to get something from a vending machine. I showed him Junko`s address and asked him where the house was. He did one better and called Junko from his cell phone (I hadn`t called her before because I didn`t want to worry her) which was very kind of him. He got the directions from her and took me home.
On the way he started talking about himself and it turns out that he`s eighty something. He then asked me where I was from and when I told him I come from an American university but originally Egyptian he got really excited. I braced myself for the usual pyramid/cleopatra questions. But he said the last thing I ever expected him to say, “Do you know `al ahram`?” Say what? Al ahram translates to `the pyramids` and is the name of the most popular Egyptian newspaper. He explained that his brother used to study arabic and actually lived in Egypt for a number of years and he still receives Egyptian papers by mail. Small world.
When we got home, we found Junko waiting outside for us. They both started talking about me as if I wasn`t there, saying things like “not everyone is good at getting around in foreign places” and “don`t feel too bad, there are lots of people like you.” Needless to say, my pride was in tatters because I was being soundly dissed by a couple of senior citizens. After they had a good laugh at my expense, the taxi driver shot me a `maa al salama` (goodbye) and zoomed off.


3 responses to “when you`re dumb, you`re dumb

  1. Well that wz lucky. Meeting 2 “good”people on the same nite. I would strongly advise u against wandering off alone at nite.
    I must say, though that the cab driver’s story is quite a coincidence.

  2. There is clearly a bundle to realize about this. I feel you made some nice points in features also.

  3. I thought it was going to be some uninteresting old post, however it truly made up for my time.

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