o-shibai e

Today I went to a play (or shibai) with Junko called Kazamachikouen (or Kazamachi park). Its a comedy written by a guy called Futakuchi Tsuyoshi. SIDENOTE: interestingly enough, the word shibai has come to mean lie or lies (B.S.) in Hawaii and is often used to describe politicians. Anyway, so the story revolves around two homeless guys who live in a park and find a really expensive watch, fight over what to do with it and meet all sorts of wierdos. It started off kind of slow but when the pace picked up it became really absurd and funny. The performances were exaggerated but perfectly executed so I managed to understand most of what was going on. What was really cool was that at the end of the play you walk out of the theatre and the actors are all standing there waiting for each audience member`s verdict. Junko started bowing, so I did too and I told them that it was `really funny` – they all started bowing back.


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