kiss the girl

I just had to write about this. Last night I was watching a show hosted by Oriental Radio, a comic duo made up of two guys in their twenties? I`m guessing. They`re pretty young compared to your traditional Hitoshi Matsumotos (or Macchan) or Takaaki Ishibashis, and not as funny if I do say so myself. In this particular episode, they announced that they were going to search the streets of Japan for single girls and then ask to kiss them. Uhh okay. Is that even legal?
In the half an hour that followed, the camera showed the guys asking random girls to kiss them, to the accompaniment of *the horror* a supposedly sexy Italian narration. Not surprisingly, they were both rejected more than a few times, but in the end one guy got two girls to agree and the other, one. All sorts of cheesiness ensued. And get this, at the end of the show the celebrity guest had to choose who made the best couple. Quality entertainment.


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