allegro cantabile

Allegro Cantabile is the new single by SUEMITSU THE SUEMITH which is quite popular right now in Japan because it is the opening song to the new Nodame Cantabile anime. The marketing campaign for this thing has been crazy: there are tv commercials, they`re selling the mangas for the series all over again and there are all sort of promotional books and magazines available. One bookstore I went to had several mobiles made up of little pianos (the main character is a piano student) hanging over their Nodame material…pretty insane. Its even crazier when you take into account that besides the manga they have already aired the first season of a live action drama series of the thing. I have already seen a couple of episodes and its nots bad but its not really something I can get into. The song is good though, and the PV is simple but does the job (the piano is a major selling point). Enjoy.


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