getting there and lard balls

It took me four flights and thirty six hours to go from Jeddah (Western Saudi Arabia) to Tokyo. It really shouldn`t have taken that long, but my father insisted that I take singapore airlines (something about it being the best blah blah…for me airlines are a dime a dozen: as long as I arrive in one piece I really don`t care). Though I must say this about the s.a. flight attendants and singaporeans in general, they really are the politest, friendliest people I`ve ever met. When I think back to my experiences with say, Air Italia or *shudder* Egypt Air I have to say the s.a. experience was on a totally different level.
I had an eight hour stop over in singapore which seriously pissed me off, but it turned out okay and I went on a tour of the city and saw chinatown, little india and malay/muslim town. I took lots of pictures which I`ll upload when I have the time. Later, I had a short stopover in Thailand where I had the treat of seeing real sumo wrestlers, yukatas, traditional hairstyle, slippers and all. These guys were huge and I guess they were going back to the homeland after a tournament or something and were sitting at the gate. They must have been really famous because the Japanese passengers and even some Chinese were all excited and taking pictures of them (from afar I must add…the wrestlers didn`t have the most welcoming expressions on their faces). While I am not one to stand and take pictures of random famous people, its not everyday you see sumo wrestlers so I waltzed into the gate, swallowed every sense of self-preservation and sat right smack in the middle of their little group. Whereas the lower ranked wrestlers had warded off some old japanese men who got too excited and bravely (stupidly) insisted on meeting the yokozuna in their midst (whose presence was the source of all the fuss I guess), they were at a loss as to how to proceed with me. Awesome.
On t.v. sumo wrestlers are amazing but up close and personal they really are magnificent. There were six of them; their massive size gave them an aura of raw power and their eyes were suprisingly shrewd – in other words, they were not the soft lard balls I expected, quite the contrary. After a minute or two of silence (what to do with this foreign chick who dares to approach us, what to do), they resumed their conversations and I strained to listen – what the hell do sumo wrestlers talk to each other about anyway? I really didn`t catch anything though because they were using very old, traditional japanese.
I was losing interest anyway since I began to realise that these guys were going to be on the same plane – and they must have weighed a tonne each..god I felt like peeing in my pants…would we even get off the ground? It got worse when we were boarding the plane and walking up the gang plank. When the wrestlers stepped on, the gang plank started to freakin` sway from side to side?! No joke. I was seriously going to scream and puke at the same time. Then it turns out that they were all sitting at the back of the plane, with my limited knowledge of aerodynamics I didn`t know if that was a good thing…I did know however, that the odds of the plane taking off would defy any and every law of physics known to man. And guess what? It did.
Five hours later, I arrived in Tokyo.


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